Our Workshops

As part of our job search assistance program, we offer a series of workshops grouped into 4 modules over a 12-week period. These workshops will help you better understand the job search process, develop your self-confidence, and take advantage of networking to increase your job opportunities and succeed in your job interviews.

Job Search Workshop_Module-1-Discovering-oneself

Module 1 - Discovering Oneself

This self-discovery workshop aims to focus on key personal elements of your path. You will have the opportunity to reflect and clarify your strengths and goals.

  • Workshop 1.1 Introduction to the Job Search Process
  • Workshop 1.2 Resilience and Managing Change
  • Workshop 1.3 Regaining Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Workshop 1.4 Life Values and Career Anchors
  • Workshop 1.5 Identifying Your Transferable Skills
  • Workshop 1.6 MBTI – Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Module 2 - Optimizing Your Job Search Process

This job search workshop aims to introduce you to the first tools you need for a job search and how to optimize it.

  • Workshops 2.1 Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Workshops 2.2 Introduction to LinkedIn – Optimizing Your Profile
  • Workshops 2.3 The Job Market and Mature Workers
  • Workshops 2.4 Marketing Yourself
  • Workshops 2.5 Job Search Strategies – Creating Your Action Plan
  • Workshops 2.6 Review and Reevaluation of Your Career Objectives

Module 3 - Creating Your Own Opportunities

This workshop aims to introduce you to the different strategies to build, enrich and maintain a network of professional contacts and optimize your job search.

  • Workshops 3.1 The Effective Use of LinkedIn and Social Media in the Job Search Process
  • Workshops 3.2 The Art of Networking
  • Workshops 3.3 Informational Meetings and the Art of Connecting with Potential Employers
  • Workshops 3.4 The Art of  Communicating Off-Script, Improvising

Module 4 - Preparing for the Recruitment Process

This recruitment workshop aims to provide you with advice that will allow you to prepare well for an interview to maximize your potential and chances of getting a job.

  • Workshops 4.1 The Job Search Process from a Recruiter’s Perspective
  • Workshops 4.2 Interview Techniques 1 – How to Effectively Prepare for an Interview
  • Workshops 4.3 Interview Techniques 2 – Difficult Questions and Salary Negotiation
  • Workshops 4.4 Simulated Phone Interviews
  • Workshops 4.5 Simulated Interviews and Feedback Sessions
  • Workshops 4.6 How to Succeed in the New Job – The First Three Months

If you are seeking assistance to improve your job search skills, please give our employment help centre in Montreal a call at 514-866-5982. We can help you level up your skills to find the perfect position for you.