Our Subsidized Job Search Assistance Program

A Customized Program Designed to Effectively Support You

La Passerelle offers a fully subsidized job search assistance program. Designed for people who have lost their jobs or who wish to return to the job market, this customized program includes workshops and personalized coaching. Our goal is to teach participants to become effective in their job search, to develop their self-confidence and to stand out during job interviews.

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Eligibility Criteria

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Since 1990, we have been offering a job search assistance program and career coaching in Montreal. We have been guiding individuals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Our focus is on our participants’ specific needs, motivators and personality. We accompany our clients through their entire job search process with respect and empathy. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Our Job Search Assistance Program Workshops

Our dynamic workshops are offered in both English and French. They are designed to stimulate your curiosity and capture your interest, all the while giving you concrete tools for an effective job search. The goal is to inject enthusiasm into the process so that you can rediscover and reconnect with your passion.

Our workshops are structured in 4 modules presented over a 12-week period. You’ll integrate the material through exercises and group discussions. Your career coach will then follow up and answer any additional questions you may have. We will show you how to stand out from the competition, to succeed in your interviews or to land business opportunities.

job search assistance program

Individual Coaching

Our team of professional career coaches in Montreal offers expertise from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They are committed, passionate, sensitive to your situation and motivated to help you succeed. They will be dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. Your personalized weekly coaching session will last approximately one hour and will be held either virtually or in person.

We Build Relationships

As part of our subsidized job search assistance program, we organize networking events and create opportunities for you to extend your professional network in a safe and engaging environment. These events are your cue to practice your “elevator pitch” or your answer to the dreaded question: “Tell me about yourself”. It is a great way to share in a friendly and open manner.