The Suburban article on La Passerelle

La Passerelle Provides Life’s Second Chances – The Suburban

Kevin Woodhouse from The Suburban interviews Leslie Acs, Executive Director from La Passerelle passionate about helping participants land their dream jobs.

“When people come to us, they are at a low point in their lives. They have been out of work for sometime and are concerned about their finances.” Leslie says.

La Passerelle’s program is a subsidized job search program for professionals over 40 that runs for an average of 12 weeks. It consists of technical support such as learning and using social media effectively, updating resumes, and preparing for interviews. Leslie encourages participants to think beyond job postings, as only around 30 percent of all jobs are ever posted.

“Besides the technical support, there is a lot of emotional support in the process to get people in the right mindset. By week two, most of them have the shine in their eyes again and their backs straighten,” he says.

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